Free Download Reasonable Doubt
Free Download Reasonable Doubt

Summary Of Reasonable Doubt

Two investigators re-examine controversial murder cases to help the desperate families of those convicted decide if it's time to appeal... or accept the guilty verdict once and for all.

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Reasonable Doubt Tv Series Download

Year: 2017 - First air date: 2017-04-26

views: 32 views

3 Seasons

17 Episodes

Reasonable Doubt Season 2 Episode 1
Convicted by a Hair

In 2011, 19-year old KC Grondin becomes involved with his first girlfriend, then he is charged with her murder; Grondin’s parents are convinced he was the victim of a rush to judgment, and they call in Chris and Fatima to reopen the case.

Reasonable Doubt Season 2 Episode 2
High-Stakes Homicide

Pest control worker Kim Cain is convicted of murdering a 71-year-old socialite in Palm Beach, Fla.; the prosecution argues the victim found Cain stealing her jewelry to support a gambling addiction; Chris and Fatima seek to prove his innocence.

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