Free Download Fantastic Return To Oz 2019
Free Download Fantastic Return To Oz 2019
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Download Урфин Джюс возвращается (2019)


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⇒ Source: Free Download Movies ∴ Categories: Animation Duration: 0h 0m Year: 2019 views: 21 views Director: Fyodor Dmitriev Cast: Dmitriy Dyuzhev, Konstantin Khabenskiy Release Date: 2019-10-24 imdb Link: imdb - Fantastic Return To Oz 2019 TMDB id: 518596

Summary Of Fantastic Return To Oz 2019

Ellie and her faithful dog Totoshka again find themselves in the Magic Country at the most appropriate time. The authorities in the Emerald City are again trying to capture the treacherous Urfin Jus, who, although he lost an army of wooden soldiers, did not abandon his bad habit of spoiling life for everyone. In the hands of Urfin is now the magic book of the sorceress Gingema, who fulfills any desire of her master, which means that the Scarecrow the Wise, the Brave Leo and the Iron Woodman are in danger. Ally, Totoshka and their new friend Tim decide to help the people of the Magic Country. Moreover, Tim likes Ellie, and what can't you do for the sake of love? For example, nonsense. But everyone makes mistakes, but few are able to correct them.


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